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Medjool Dates
Daryoush Davidi, Ph. D.
  • United With Earth represents the largest group of Persian cucumber and Medjool date growers year-round.

  • To ensure maximum freshness we ship our produce directly from our packing shed to your facility.

  • In order to stay competitive, we have partnered with our growers for the entire season and we market their entire crop yield; this allows us to maintain extremely aggressive pricing.

  • Our produce meets the highest level of care as we offer our products with PRIMUS LAB, Certified Organic and USDA /PACA regulations.

  • We have the largest growing region worldwide and offer our entire line year-round so there is no gap in supply.

  • We employ the most renewable and environmentally friendly growing practices and are a proud member of California Certified Organic Farmers

  • Our entire line is available NON-GMO, Gluten FREE, RAW, and Kosher.

  • Our specialty has been introducing ethnic produce into mainstream markets.


"I have made it my passion to build a company based on loyalty, partnership and trust.  I believe in running a company with integrity, and strong principles.  

I advocate for our growers by giving them the best return on their goods and passing the savings on to our customers. I am the youngest person in my industry marketing Medjool dates and Persian cucumbers, and my goal has been introducing ethnic items to mainstream customers.  As a result, United With Earth has become the largest and fastest growing company in my category." 

Daryoush Davidi, Ph. D.

Founder, United With Earth

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