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Besides tasting great, figs have many nutritional benefits including high fiber. 

Our figs are extremely nutritious.  Figs are sodium and cholesterol free and figs have a high overall content of minerals. This product is made from clean, wholesome dried figs grown in California. The figs come from the fig tree (Ficus carica), are naturally sun-dried in the orchard and harvested. The fruit is sorted and thoroughly cleaned to ensure a sound product.

• California Grown
• Available year-round
• Family owned and operated
• Shelf stable & packed in recycle friendly containers
• Proud Member of California Certified Organic Farmers


• Sodium Free              
• Gluten Free              
• Vegan                      
• Grown in the USA
• Heart Healthy
• No Sulfite 
• High in Potassium
• Non GMO
• Fat Free
• No Preservatives
• High FIber 

Organic Mission Figs, 8oz

SKU: OLS-02694-1


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